Friday, March 11, 2005

Retiring from darts

I have decided to retire from darts. It just aint what it used to be. Back in the mid to late 90's you could go out any nite of the week and find a tourney or at least a good game.
Now you can drive 2 hours to a blind draw that guarantees $300 payback and nobody shows up!
I'm through after 15 years of darting.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Saturday night darts at Ginny's Tavern

Saturday nights aren't what they used to be at Ginny's. It's like that just about everywhere you go, it seems. Darts have definitely lost their momentum.

But I did play a few games with some of my old pals who show up religiously even though a tournament hasn't been played there probably in a year or more...Murph, JR and another guy I didn't know his name played several games, even though the most gawdawful screeching was coming from the karaoke machine- Hey, at least I know that I can't sing!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Making the rounds...

This week I stopped in at a few of the dart locations in Terre Haute, but it was during the day, so there wasn't any dart players lurking about. I had lunch at Sonka's, knocked back a pint of Newcastle Brown Ale, which is always at the perfect temperature (cool, not cold). Made my way 'round to Charlie's played a few games, and left a stack of Bullshooter magazines. Left more mags at Ginny's, then stopped in at Huff Amusements to visit with Susie and chat about darts. Sent some more Bullshooter's to Paducah, KY (via my Mom) where I used to run a league before I moved away. My subscription of Bullshooter has expired, so I won't get the box of 50 magazines anymore. I gues I'd better send 'em some cash so I can at least get my monthly single issue...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Updates: Darts and Website

The holidays are over. I haven't had a chance to play darts hardly at all, just a little practice here at home. Work has been consuming alot of my time, but now I got a promotion, almost $5 raise and I'm ready to get back out and go darting. Now my weekends will be more readily available for dart activities. Now if I could just get back on day shift I might consider playing in a dart league, too.

I updated my boring website with a better layout and graphics, so check it out.

Hmm, I might go play some darts tonight...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Jimbo's Friday nite 12/3

Stopped by Jimbo's House of Brews Friday nite, 12/3/04, to play in the blind draw. To my surprise, no one showed up!! What has happened to darters!? This is usually a pretty fair turnout, since the bar guarantees $300 payback! Very dissapointing, indeed. Maybe next time I pass through there will be something going on...

I still left them a stack of bullshooter magazines, if anyone shows up to read them....